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What makes an online cannabis business successful?

At Grind Flame, we’ve helped all types of small businesses, non-profits, mom & pop shops, and pop-up seasonal stores extract revenue from pockets of their business with holistic practices, not excessive ad spend, “SEO tactics” or easy ways to get rich – we work with you to make your success truly yours, whether you work with us continually or not.

The Basics

The start of any online business comes with two points:

  • Know what you want to sell
  • Know who you want to sell to

In order to start and grow an effective business, your goals must align with the solutions of your customers. In the cannabis industry, this can be focusing on your customer’s relaxation style best paired with the right flower.

Supply and Demand

A long-lasting business is built on a quality supply and an ongoing demand for the product. To meet both of these, you need to have a supplier who doesn’t run out and customers who keep coming back. Starting with cannabis that is grown with care and ending with marketing that entices your clientele to continuously buy, and of course, share with their friends.

Customer Service

Providing great customer service doesn’t happen overnight but is one of the most key points of any business, especially an online cannabis business. Slow delivery times, long waits for message replies, or inability to work with a customer when there’s an issue can be a pitfall of businesses who may barely be surviving already or just starting up. Bad news travels fast, so keeping your clients happy should be top priority.


End customer delivery with speedy times, generous communication, and safe acceptance will boost your customer’s trust in your business.

Get Started

Want to get your online cannabis business started? Drop us a line and we’ll be glad to connect with you and assist with the beginning of your new successful venture.

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